Coffee Moments, Lessons

Coffee Moments with the Father: A Safe Place

Have you felt like the world is against you? That there is no place to escape. You are hitting a wall everywhere and wish you could find a safe place. A place to feel protected. A place to hide. A place that is your stronghold. This devotional will show us from the bible what God says is our safe place.

你有没有觉得世界与你为敌?没有任何地方可以逃避。你到处碰壁,希望自己能找到一个安全的地方。一个能让你感到被保护的地方 一个可以藏身的地方。一个地方,是你的堡垒。这篇灵修课将从圣经中告诉我们,神说什么是我们的安全之地。(自动翻译)

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