Coffee Moments, Reflection from Mark

Reflections from Mark: It’s a ghost

Reflections from Mark:
Who is Jesus, really? The disciples even after following him for a long time, still did not understand. They saw the loaves. They fed the 5000. They picked up 12 basketful. Yet when they saw Jesus on the water, they cried out, “It’s a ghost.” The bible simply says, “They still did not understand.” This devotional will help us see better who the Lord is.

耶稣到底是谁?门徒们即使跟随他很久,还是不明白。他们看到了饼。他们喂饱了五千人。他们拿起了十二篮子的饼。然而当他们看到耶稣在水面上的时候,他们喊道:”是鬼。” 圣经说:”他们还是不明白” 这篇灵修可以帮助我们更清楚地看到谁是主。(自动翻译)

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