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Prayer Series: Prayer Creates Good Turning Points in Our Lives

Prayer Bible Study Series: Prayer. Turning points. Significant moments. Impact in our lives.祷告查经系列。祷告。转折点。重要的时刻。对我们生命的影响。(自动翻译)

Prayer Creates Good Turning Points in Our Lives

Further Study and Digging Deeper:

Further Study: Turning points prayers:

  1. 2 Kings 20 – Hezekiah’s prayer
  2. Genesis 32:22-32 – Jacob wrestling with God in prayer
  3. Colossians 4:12 – Epaphras wrestling in prayer

Digging Deeper

  1. Imagine each of their situations, how were they feeling? What were they going through?
  2. How were their prayers, turning point prayers? What did they do?
  3. What were their turning point(s)?
  4. Have you had turning point prayers? What were they? Write them down so that you can marvel at God and grow in your faith. Take some time to give thanks to Him.
  5. From now until the year end, put before God, one turning point prayer.



进一步研究: 转折点祷告。

  1. 列王纪下20章–希西家的祷告。
  2. 创世记32:22-32–雅各在祷告中与神角力。
  3. 歌罗西书4:12–以巴弗在祷告中摔跤。


  1. 想象一下他们每个人的情况,他们当时的心情如何?他们经历了什么?
  2. 他们的祷告、转折点祷告如何?他们做了什么?
  3. 他们的转折点是什么?
  4. 你有过转折点祷告吗?他们的转折点是什么?把它们写下来,这样你就可以惊叹神,在你的信心中成长。花点时间感谢他。
  5. 从现在开始到年底,把一个转折点的祷告放在神面前。

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