Of Love and Leadership: Waldorf Principle

Further Study

  • Philippians 2:1-11 Imitating Jesus
  • Philippians 2:19-30 Learning from Timothy and Epaphroditus
  1. From the lesson what could be your hindrance(s) from giving selfless, sacrificial, extravagant love to others?
  2. From these two passages in Philippians, what can we learn from Jesus, Timothy, and Epaphroditus? Write down the words or phrases that showed their selfless, sacrificial, extravagant care for others.
  3. What are one or two decisions you will make this week to offer this type of care and concern? Be specific.


  • 腓立比书 2:1-11 效法耶稣
  • 腓立比书 2:19-30 向提摩太和以巴弗提图学习
  1. 什么障碍阻止你对他人付出无私的、牺牲的、奢侈的爱?
  2. 从《腓立比书》中的这两段经文中,我们可以从耶稣、提摩太和以巴弗提图身上学到什么?写下他们对他人无私、牺牲、奢侈的关怀的词句。
  3. 在这星期里,做出一或两个你可以给予这样的关怀和关心的决定?要具体一点。

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