Cornelia’s Baptism 13 October 2017

Cornelia was baptised on 13 October, 2017. She is the daughter of Leo. Leo was restored back to the Lord earlier this year. Cornelia studies the bible for about two years. Finally, she saw the love of God and made Jesus the Lord of her life.



Leo’s Restoration Back To The Lord


Leo (the one holding the card) left the Lord for about 17 years after been baptised in the Church in Kuala Lumpur. He shared that he was afraid about his future finances and employment oppourtunities after he lost his job. He went to Singapore to work but did not go back to God. At times, he thought about the Lord, but his pride stopped him from coming back to God. “It is too shameful to come back, he thought.”

But last year, he took courage, called one of his Christian friend, Philip Kong to ask Philip how he could come back to the Lord. He re-studied the bible and re-committed his life. Yesterday, 6th May, 2017, he was officially restored back to the fellowship.


Jovial’s Baptism 8 July 2016

Jovial, just like his name, is a youth who is full of joy and laughter. He has been studying the bible for almost a year to learn what it means to follow Jesus. The one thing that I appreciate about him is his humility. Whenever we point out to him things that he has to repent of, he quickly makes the effort to change.


Xavier’s Baptism 15 Jan, 2016

Xavier started to diligently study the bible about a year ago. According to Pang, his mentor, Xavier was eager. He would travel anywhere just to meet Pang to do his bible studies. One of his biggest challenge was to be courageous to face any form of persecution. On Jan 15th, Xavier made the decision to be bold to make Jesus the Lord of his life.


Joshua’s Baptism 1 Jan, 2016

We celebrate the New Year with Joshua when he made Jesus Lord of his life. I appreciate Joshua for his eagerness to learn and change. He frequently asked to study the bible so that he can know God better. His mother noted that he has more positive attitudes at home. Below are the videos of the sharing for Joshua and his baptism.