Midweek Lessons

Mar 16 Guard your heart 7: Celebrate life (Teck)
Feb 2 Prayer and Faith 5: Prayer for Boldness (Teck)
Jan 12 Prayer and Faith 1 (Teck)

Dec 8 Contribution in the bible (Teck)
Nov 17 The secret of growing (Teck)
Oct 27 Prayer 4: Wrestling in prayer (Teck)
Sept 29 Men’s Class: Rise Up O Men of God (Teck)
Sept 29 Women Class: Treasure of your heart (Patrice)
Sept 8 Guard Your Heart 3: Words of Kindness (Teck)
Aug 11 Guard Your Heart 1 (Teck)
July 28 Prayer 3: The heart of thanksgiving and praise (Teck)
July 14 Prayer 2: Prayer from a devoted Heart (Kalmen)
June 23 Family Times: Raising Awesome Children (Teck)
June 16 The Age of Oppourtunity (Teck n Patrice)
May 19 GEP: Connection and Acceptance 1 (Teck)
May 5 Prayer 1 (Teck)
April 14 Good Friday – The Cross part 1 and part 2 (Teck)
March 31 Overcoming Temptation 1 (Teck w Chinese Trans)
March 17 Iceberg that sank the ship (Teck w Chinese Trans)
March 3 Taking our worship higher (Teck w Chinese Trans)
Feb 17 Unity, a key to marital bliss (Teck with Chinese Trans)
Feb 3 Religion that God accepts (Teck w Chinese Trans)
Jan 13 Where do we go from here? (Teck Ming w Chinese Trans)

Nov 25 The book of treasure practical (Teck Ming w Chinese Trans)
Nov 4 Jesus – Heart of A Servant (Teck Ming w Chinese Trans)
Oct 28 How to communicate in a vulnerable way (Teck Ming w Chinese Trans)
Oct 21 Emotional Honesty (Teck Ming w Chinese Trans)
Oct 14 Connection and Discipline E.I. pt4 (Teck Ming w Chinese Trans)
Sep 29 Connection and Discipline E.I. pt3 (Teck Ming w Chinese Trans)
Sep 9 Connection and Discipline E.I. pt2 (Teck n Patrice w Chinese Trans)
Sep 2 Connection and Discipline E.I. pt1 (Teck n Patrice w Chinese Trans)
Aug 5 Roadblocks to Healthy Limits
July 22 Follow Jesus on Social Media (Teck n Patrice w Chinese Trans)
July 15 First Love Christianity 5 – Most Excellent Way (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
July 8 Come Follow Me (Teck n Patrice w Chinese Translation)
July 1 After ADS (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
Jun 3 Matthew 6:33 (Halbert with Chinese Translation)
May 27 Creating Healthy Boundaries with Children (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
May 13 First Love Christianity 4 – Humility (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
Apr 15 God’s Plan for Marriage (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
Apr 1 First Love Christianity 3 – Tenacious Faith (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
Mar 4 Compass Dgroup
Mar 11 First Love Christianity 2 – Creating the Right Heart (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
Feb 26 First Love Christianity – Humility & Hunger (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
Jan 29 CNY: Jesus At The Feast (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)
Jan 8 Discipling Model Pt 1 (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)


Dec 18 To Know God Pt2: God Experiencing Us (Teck Ming w Chinese Translation)