The Heart

Mar 16 Guard your heart 7: Celebrate life (Teck)
Nov 12 Guard Your Heart 6: Heart of Self-Control (Pang)
Oct 22 Guard Your Heart 5: Heart of Greed (KK with Chinese Trans)
Oct 15 Guard Your Heart 4: Heart of Thankfulness (Teck w Chinese Trans)
Sept 8 Guard Your Heart 3: Words of Kindness (Teck)
Aug 27 Guard Your Heart 2: Words of Anger (Teck w Chinese Trans)
Aug 11 Guard Your Heart 1 (Teck)

April 9 Overcoming Temptation 3 (Teck w Chinese Trans)
April 2 Overcoming Temptation 2 (Teck w Chinese Trans)
March 31 Overcoming Temptation 1 (Teck w Chinese Trans)