Coffee Moments, prayer

Coffee Moments Prayer Series: Unlimited Access

Today’s prayer series: Unlimited Access. Unlimited access. We love it and would like unlimited access to everything and everywhere we go.With God, how do we obtain this unlimited access to Him?


Coffee Moments

Coffee Moments with the Father: Chosen

Chosen? Never. No one wants me. I am absolutely not talented, special, or needed. Yet with God, you are a different story with Him. Learn from the bible your value. And see your life through the eyes of Jesus.


Coffee Moments, Reflection from Mark

Reflections from Mark: The Right Perspective (Christian bible devotional)

In life, we have many choices. Some choices are good. Some choices are bad. And some choices are what really matters. It all comes down to our perspectives. In this devotional from the gospel of Mark, you will hear the story of a plastic surgeon who had it all but had the wrong perspective about life.


Coffee Moments, Reflection from Mark

Reflections from Mark: Break Free

Are you struggling with sins or harmful habits? Feeling chained down? Wanting to know how to be free? This devotional from the gospel of Mark gives us a central key to know how to break free.