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Discovery – Secrets of the Bible: El-Shaddai.

Discovery, Secrets of the Bible: El-Shaddai. Who is El-Shaddai? What is the Mighty promise that He gave Adam, Abraham and us on earth?
发现, 圣经的秘密: El-Shaddai. 谁是El-Shaddai?他给亚当、亚伯拉罕和我们这些人在地球上的强大承诺是什么?

My God and I

My God and I part 2: The Potter and the Clay

My God and I part 2: The Potter and the Clay. The Potter, skillful and creative, crafts our lives out of common clay, into beautiful potteries. How does He do it? What are the processes that we go through to become the beautiful pottery?