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Of Love and Leadership: Velvet Brick

Of Love and Leadership: Velvet Brick. Lesson on how to be tough and tender in our relationships, communication, and leadership.


Further Questions and Verses for Digging Deeper into this topic:
Velvet Brick: Group Bible Study
Which personalities are you more like? You can have more than one personality type. Explain your choice.
• Bulldozer
• Doormat
• Invisible man
• Thorn bushes
• Mr. Make everyone happy

In each of these 5 situations, which category are you more like, explain your answer?
• In relationships: Principled / Warm
• In conflicts: Forthright/ Kind and merciful
• In setting directions: Clear rational/ Compassion and patience
• In teaching others: Practical/ Patient
• In priorities: Disciplined/ Flexible

Digging Deeper Into The Word
Read Colossians 4:5-6; 1 Thessalonians 5:12-16; and Ephesians 4:25-32
• In each of these verses, identify which part is velvet and which part is brick.
• For each of these verses, how can you make it practical for yourself?
• As you devise these practical steps for yourself, what could be some obstacles, fears, and tension that arises for you?
• How can you overcome these obstacles?

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Prayer Series: Prayer can help correct your view of God

Hi All, Coffee Moments with God on Prayer Series: Prayer can help correct your view of God.
Who is God to you? An incorrect view of God will affect our relationship with Him. Either it will draw us closer and push us away from Him. Prayer can help correct our view of Him. How does that happen?


Coffee Moments, prayer

Coffee Moments Prayer Series: Unlimited Access

Today’s prayer series: Unlimited Access. Unlimited access. We love it and would like unlimited access to everything and everywhere we go.With God, how do we obtain this unlimited access to Him?


Coffee Moments, prayer

Prayer Series: Deepest Desire

Coffee Moments with our Heavenly Father. Prayer Series: Deepest Desire.Our hearts have a deep desire. An intense longing. A deep emotional need. How can I fill that need?

与天父的咖啡时刻. 祈祷系列。最深的渴望:我们的心有一个深深的渴望。一种强烈的渴望。一种深深的情感需要。如何才能满足这种需要?(自动翻译)

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Coffee Moments with the Father: Chosen

Chosen? Never. No one wants me. I am absolutely not talented, special, or needed. Yet with God, you are a different story with Him. Learn from the bible your value. And see your life through the eyes of Jesus.