Elohim, God


My thoughts about our Elohim:

1.Without God (Elohim), There Is No Beginning:
I am here only because of God. He made me. Without Him, I will not even exist. I love my life. I love living. That is why I am so thankful the He created me so that I can have being.

Who do we worship, the Creator or the created things? Created things will not last longer than the Creator. The Creator provides forever. Created things breaks frequently.

2.All Of God’s (Elohim) Creation Is Good – And It Is Made For Me.
Our world is God’s gift for us. That is awesome. Imagine, planet earth was created to be my playground. I love this gift. It is no wonder we, as people, love nature. A place of peace, enjoyment, and tranquility.

3.I’m Special – I Am Created In God’s (Elohim) Image
Unique. There is no another me. I am the only edition. Better than special edition. It is the best edition. Best because I am made by the best craftsman in the universe.

He is Elohim, my God.

by TML


What does it mean to be accepted by Christ?

Romans 15:7 “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”

Be MineIn the English Standard Version, the word “accept” is interestingly translated to the word “welcome”. This word “accept” comes from the greek word “προσλαμβάνω” proslambanō (strong g4355), which means “to take to oneself.” Strong’s dictionary further explains the common usage of the word “accept” in the bible as “to take as one’s companion”, “to take by the hand to lead”, “to receive into one’s home with kindness”, “to grant access into one’s heart for friendship” and “to take into one self as taking in food.”

Wow! A whole new idea explodes in my mind. Acceptance is not merely acceptance. Jesus did not just merely accept us as who we are with all our good and bad. He did not accept us with the attitude of casualness, as in he doesn’t mind being with us even though he doesn’t like the way we dress or the way we color our hair. Nor did he merely accept and forgive us of all our debts and let us be.

Acceptance is more than that to Jesus. Acceptance means that he wants us to be his friend and companion. He wants to take us home to live with him. He desires to walk side by side with us and lead us by the hand as a mother leads her child closely by holding his hand in love and security. He wishes for us to know him through and through by granting access into his heart. And he wants to fully hold us in his heart as a man romantically relishes his loved one obsessively.

This is what it means when Jesus accepts us – “I want to take you into my heart, live with me, and be my friend and companion forever. Welcome to my life”



Jovial’s Baptism 8 July 2016

Jovial, just like his name, is a youth who is full of joy and laughter. He has been studying the bible for almost a year to learn what it means to follow Jesus. The one thing that I appreciate about him is his humility. Whenever we point out to him things that he has to repent of, he quickly makes the effort to change.


Xavier’s Baptism 15 Jan, 2016

Xavier started to diligently study the bible about a year ago. According to Pang, his mentor, Xavier was eager. He would travel anywhere just to meet Pang to do his bible studies. One of his biggest challenge was to be courageous to face any form of persecution. On Jan 15th, Xavier made the decision to be bold to make Jesus the Lord of his life.


Joshua’s Baptism 1 Jan, 2016

We celebrate the New Year with Joshua when he made Jesus Lord of his life. I appreciate Joshua for his eagerness to learn and change. He frequently asked to study the bible so that he can know God better. His mother noted that he has more positive attitudes at home. Below are the videos of the sharing for Joshua and his baptism.