Coffee Moments, Reflection from Mark

Reflections from Mark: Break Free

Are you struggling with sins or harmful habits? Feeling chained down? Wanting to know how to be free? This devotional from the gospel of Mark gives us a central key to know how to break free.



Embrace Sufferings

What will protect us from sins and help us heal? Embrace sufferings (healthy pain) while doing what is hard, righteous, and good. As Peter said, “arm yourselves also with the same attitude (as Jesus), because whoever suffers in the body is done with sin” 1 Peter 4:1-2.

Man near the grave at sunset

It is hard to forgive someone who has hurt us deeply because we want to be revengeful and lash out. It is hard to wait in patience and self-control to not buy or invest into something when we don’t have enough funds but our greedy desires demandingly push us to buy it. It is hard to be vulnerable and confess our sins when we have done what is wrong because our ‘image’ wants us to look good. It is hard to say sorry when we have wronged someone because our ego stops us. It is hard to be assertive and lovingly confront people whom we are close to because our fears of being rejected and abandoned show up. It is hard to be diligent to plan and try when we have failed numerous times and are afraid to fail again. It is hard to let go of anxiety and trust God in our prayers when we fear the unknown possible outcome.

It is painful to do what is hard and right. Paradoxical as it is, Jesus showed us by his example that when we are willing to embrace the healthy pain of good sufferings, we will end up overcoming and healed.